Juna is a mobile beauty styling company, specializing in bridal, dedicated to creating confidence in every look. Servicing southern CA and beyond; we offer makeup, hair, workshops and more. Our experience working in print and entertainment has provided us well rounded knowledge of makeup and how it is perceived in every medium. Juna strives to revolutionize confidence everyone deserves on their special day.

Meagan Brown
Lead Artist & Owner
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Meagan began her career in the beauty industry assisting other artists on TV and film sets. After attending and graduating from Empire Academy of Makeup in 2010 she pursued makeup full time working on a variety of different projects with models, talent and celebrities traveling coast to coast for her clients. She currently works doing makeup and hair for print campaigns, TV, Wedding’s, Makeup workshops and more. Her experience working in the beauty Industry has provided her with well rounded knowledge of makeup and how it is perceived in every medium including in-person and through a camera. Being diverse with all forms of beauty, Meagan enjoys teaching her clients how to choose, apply and be creative with makeup.

To learn more about Meagan visit: www.meaganbrown.com or www.junabeauty.com