Vacation Makeup Looks

  It’s easy to overpack on vacations, especially when it comes to cosmetics and beauty. Just remember less is more and try to pack dual purpose products. Here are a few of our favorite vacation looks and the products that will help you style your makeup. The no-makeup, makeup look is a go-to for a […]

Makeup Traveling and How to Pack Efficiently

Although unusual, one of my favorite things to do it organize and pack makeup. Finding the best way to be efficient without bringing unnecessary items. If you could bring the least amount of products and still be satisfied (under 10 minute routine), wouldn’t you want to know how? Products that have dual purposes are key […]

How To Clean Your Make-up Brushes

  The first question to ask yourself is: Do you use your brushes with liquid or cream products? If the answer is yes, how often do you clean these brushes? Brushes used with creamy/liquid products will most likely harbor bacteria if/when used. Then spreading the bacteria on the rest of your skin. Follow these easy […]